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      Embossing Machine 

      本設備主要用于鋼板壓花、防滑板等。機架采用重負荷去應力焊接鋼結構。 1600 噸四導柱油壓機采用伺服控制系統。模具可自動移出,方便更換。模具設計時考慮到了整平功能,加工出的板面平整度好。方便操作和調整。電機減速機和液壓元件均采用知名品牌。?
      This machine 15 mainly used to make embossing sheets , anti 一 sliding plate . Frame 15 made of heavy duty welded steel , stress released . 1 600 ton 4 column type Hydraulic Press will be controlled by Servo system . D ies Auto Move In 一 Out for easy replacement . Levelling function has been considered when design the d ie , which can guarantee the good flatness of the plate . PLC plus HMI 15 for easy operation and adiust ment . Motor , reducer and hydraulic components will be applied .