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      Mirror Finishing Machine for Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Coil and Sheet 


      Pinch rol type . It applies resin bonded grinding wheel , Scotch 一 Brite disc , Fek disc with polishing cornpound to improve the surface roughness step by step . Finally super m . Rror finishing can be obtained ( SK ). 級鏡面的效果(8K)。
      ●Advantage of WUXI 25 Mirror Finishing Machine for Stainless Steel Coil and Sheet . ●Polishing heads of each group can be independently or integrally llfted up and down . ●Center reflling of polishing compound to avoid surface underneath the polishing disc get bumt ●Stainless steel made . Anti corrosion and long Ilfe . ●Smooth reciprocating movement by linear guide.