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      CGL-Coil to Coil Repairing Line for Steel Maker 


      Grinding with grinding belts is an essential process to produce cold rolled coil from stainless steel as well from Nickel- and Titaniumalloys. It is mainly used for the removal of defects from hot rolling pickling& annealing process and residual scale for subsequent cold rolling process, it can also be used for intermediate grinding. WUXI ZS CGL has the characteristics of high stock removal, operatorand maintenance friendly design at highest reliability and availability. ZS CGL is designed for the coil to coil processing for strips up from 600 to 1600 mm width and a thickness between 1.0 to 6.0 mm


      Advantage of WUXI ZS CGL
      ●No defects and chatter mark from the line
      ●High Stock removal
      ●Line is suitable for 24 hours continuous operation
      ●High level of Automation, i. e Constant Load, Welding Seam
      ●Tracking System(optional, with welder
      ●Operation and maintenance friendly
      ●Suitable for the processing of stainless steel, titanium, nickel